Valley In Motion supports “green” infrastructure development that allows more residents to walk, bike, and access recreation. With bountiful natural resources, VIM builds coalitions to provide easy and equitable access to these public assets.

Iron Furnaces

VIM is spearheading an effort to revitalize the area around Scranton’s historic Iron Furnaces. Founded in 1840, the city of Scranton grew up around this site, once the hub of the nation’s largest output of iron products. It created pig iron, T-rails, and other products that fueled the nation’s industrial growth.

VIM is working to once again put the Iron Furnaces at the intersection of Scranton life. Following a visionary set of planning documents developed by DxDempsey architects, VIM leads the coalition to place pedestrian and biking paths around and alongside this National Historic Landmark. New infrastructure will place the Iron Furnaces at the center of an axis connecting downtown Scranton hotels with South Side, and the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail with the University of Scranton and Nay Aug Park. New opportunities for transportation, recreation, business, and education will improve both quality of life for city residents and the visitor experience.

This work involves five concurrent phases, each moving forward as partnerships and funding allows:

  • Bike lanes leading from the Broadway Street trailhead, looping behind the Iron Furnaces to the University of Scranton and Nay Aug Park.
  • Sidewalk painted footprints that lead visitors from downtown Scranton hotels past the Iron Furnaces to the trail (a 2-mile loop) or to Nay Aug Park (3-mile loop).
  • A walking and biking trail running through the Iron Furnaces property, along the trolley line tracks to the University of Scranton.
  • Updated lighting, sidewalks, signage, plantings, and bike lanes to improve Cedar Iron District streetscapes in front of the Iron Furnaces and up a revitalized Cedar Avenue.
  • A new Roaring Brook trail that connects the Elm Street trailhead to Cedar Avenue and the Iron Furnaces.