VIM is helping turn plain asphalt school playgrounds in Scranton into Community Schoolyards. A collaboration between Trust for Public Land, the Scranton School District, the City of Scranton, and VIM, these transformed spaces will allow for enhanced playing and learning experiences for children. They will also be open to the public after school, increasing the amount of quality park space within a ten minute walk of Scranton residents.

VIM has co-taught “participatory design” classes for students at John F. Kennedy and John G. Whittier Elementary Schools in South Scranton. In this model of playground design, kids define their needs for playing, learning, and re-charging. They learn to collect input from parents, teachers, community members, and their fellow students. They measure the site, track sunlight and rainwater movement, and budget. At Kennedy Elementary, a center for autistic support, children with special needs were included in the design classes. Resulting play spaces are both by them and for them.

VIM is working to raise both local and national funds for these projects to come to fruition. We hope to begin construction in summer 2024.